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The ‘Laptop Gap’

During such a strange year, here at the EDI Collective, we are asking whether vulnerable BAME students have been forgotten during the COVID pandemic.  According to estimates from Ofcom, nine percent of the student body, primarily BAME students, do not have access to a laptop, desktop, or a tablet. Leaving many teaching professionals worried that…

What the climate disaster in Texas teaches us about environmental racism

Arctic weather conditions have been causing devastation in Texas over the past week, leaving 3.3 million residents without power, and 13 million with water service disruptions. Temperatures dropped as low as -18C last week, leading to an increased demand for heat that overwhelmed the state’s independent power grid. Texas – along with Alaska and Hawaii…

“Footballing Reasons”

Football is an area where general members of the public and footballers explicitly interact with the social and political issues that are interwoven throughout the 21st century footballing landscape. Clubs and players are entities fans form emotionally attachments to, yet modern football clubs are also global businesses whose purpose is to maintain profits and please board…

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