EDI Collective

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Collective in School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester

We are the EDI Collective – a new student-led group to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion at the University of Manchester.

We aim:

  • To Act as a body body to which students can report incidents of racism and discrimination.
  • To Actively respond to such incidents by communicating with the appropriate departments/ members of staff and seek disciplinary action against the perpetrators involved.
  • To Advocate greater awareness of differing experiences of Ethnic Minority students.
  • To Promote a culture of greater inclusion and consciousness of Ethnic Minority students in lecturers and classes. 
  • To Commit to promoting the decolonization of curriculums in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

More About Who We Are

Our collective is made up of students from across the School of Arts, Languages and Culture and is multi-ethnic. We believe it is important that students support other students. We aim to tackle fundamental cultural and political issues, which are not only present within wider society but in our University, too.

We want our collective to be seen as a place of support and help. We understand that approaching University leaders and academic staff can be daunting. So, we want to make this process as easy for you as possible. 

Furthermore, we seek to advocate greater awareness of differing experiences of Ethnic Minority students by reporting to the SALC Committee of inclusion. We endeavor to become the voice for SALC students, to promote greater inclusion and consciousness of Ethnic Minority Students. Particularly, within lecturers and classes.

We believe that the curriculum for the courses across the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures remains predominantly concentrated upon the works of straight White males. This needs to change. As such we are committed to the decolonization and diversification of curriculums within the SALC department.

We are a group formed by students for students, for support and guidance. We are in the fight against racism and discrimination together.

For support or more information take a look at our Instagram page @uom.edi.collective or email us, edicollective@gmail.com. 

Written by Sian Jones

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